5 Easy Hairstyles Using Scrunchies

Do you want to flaunt different hairstyles without putting effort into styling? A scrunchie can be an excellent tool to help your hair look chic! One can find numerous hairstyles to flaunt with a scrunchie. The scrunchies serve more than one purpose. It helps tie the hair and prevents unwanted tangling. At the same time, the super-soft scrunchies make your hair look beautifully stylish! 


Here are the top five hair styling solutions you can try with your hair. One hairstyle for each weekday, and you are ready to step outside the house! Get the best idea to try with a scrunchie and look beautiful every day and everywhere!


1. Braided hair – Simple and elegant!




Flaunt the simplistic hairstyle without effort, and go for the braided hair look. When in doubt, part the hairs and start making a braid! Yes, it is that simple! It is a unique way to stylize the hair by joining two or three lengths of hair strands in a distinctive pattern. The origin of the braided hairstyle goes back to 3500 BC, and it started in Africa! Sounds fascinating, right? One can try this style regardless of long or medium-length hair. Keep the braid in the middle or try it sidewise – the choice is yours! The scrunchie is the cherry on top, giving it the much-needed style touch with the fluffy and polished appeal!


·      A flaunting tip – A braided hairstyle with a soft scrunchie is a look a woman can try anywhere! It looks perfect with daily outfits and office suits. The braided style helps prevent the hair from getting messy, and you can protect the strands from dust-tangling. Keep it effortless to exhibit an elegant style quotient!


2. The classic bun – It never gets too old!




Who does not love to flaunt a bun? Every woman has tried the hairstyle at least once! It is a fuss-free hairstyling solution for those always in a hurry. You may make it a messy bun with minimal effort or take hours to develop a neat bun! In every way, a scrunchie adds to the beauty of the bun hairstyle. It looks elegant, and the hairstyle never goes out of vogue. Even with short hair, a bun is easy to make and flaunt with soft scrunchies. 


·      A flaunting tip – Any occasion could be the perfect event to sport a bun! Everyone would agree that buns are the most effortless and hassle-free hairstyle that exhibits a “carefully careless” look. The hairstyle looks apt with floral dresses, suits, jeans, tees, and even traditional attire! You only need a colorful scrunchie to amplify the fashionable appeal to the next level!


3. A half ponytail – A cool style to flaunt!




A half-ponytail hairstyle with a scrunchie exhibits a casual and chic look. You can make the hair into a half ponytail in no time. The hair strands remain loose, and the scrunchie holds the hair effortlessly. It is an excellent choice for those with wavy and straight hair. It helps your hair breathe, and you can flaunt the hairstyle throughout the day without pressurizing the hair roots. The beauty of a half ponytail is in the semi-messy appeal. The hairstyle is pretty and simplistic. You do not have to spend more than a minute in front of the mirror to flaunt this style!


·      A flaunting tip – Is there a specific criterion to flaunt the half ponytail? No way! It is a cool style and one of the most preferred hairstyles for teenagers. It looks perfect with Western attire and streetwear. You can make this hairstyle in your home, and it would deliver the perfect lounge-wear look! School and college students can flaunt this minimal hairstyling look to keep the fashion statement cool!


4. Loose ponytail – The go-to hairstyle for all women




A loose ponytail is undoubtedly the most chosen hairstyle with the scrunchies! The soft scrunchies are easy to put on the hair. It clings to the hair perfectly and does not slip easily. Hence, the loose ponytail with one or two hairlocks in the front can be the ultimate choice for all women! One may not even need a mirror to make this hairstyle! It is the go-to choice for all.


·      A flaunting tip – The loose ponytail look is the ultimate comfort look for all women! It defines effortless styling and brings the best look without effort. You can flaunt the style with jeans, kurtas, daily wear, etc. The hairstyle suits every hair texture and brings the best look!


5. Tight ponytail – The trending choice!


A tight ponytail has become the ultimate choice for fashion magazines! It is a trending pick with the ladies, and the hassle-free hairstyle technique has made it the trending choice among the rest. The scrunchie helps hold the hair tightly at the back. You may or may not leave a hairlock in the front. The wavy texture of the hair at the back of the head looks beautiful with the perfect balance of the scrunchie. 


·      A flaunting tip – A tight ponytail goes best with a short dress! It is an excellent choice to flaunt at a party. The no-nonsense hairstyle is ideal for a hectic office day or corporate attire. It looks pretty, and the scrunchie adds to the overall beauty. 


A bonus hairstyle – Amp up the style with the multi-scrunchie hairstyle!




A bonus hairstyle should add to the style quotient! A hairstyling solution with multiple scrunchies helps you flaunt a braided look without making a braid! It is apt for those who are too lazy to make a braid or a bun. You can put three scrunchies at a distance on the all-over length of the hair. The tightness is medium, and it looks pretty with straight, curly, and wavy hair. 


·      A flaunting tip – It could be a date-night look, and you may try this look while stepping out of the house on weekends. It looks gorgeous with premium outfits and casual wearables. Hence, there is no specific time or event to flaunt the multi-scrunchie hairstyle. Wear it anytime you want and flaunt the beautiful scrunchies. 


Which one would you want to flaunt?


Stay stylish! These top hairstyles with a scrunchie are easy to make and flaunt. You can try all of these and look pretty every day! Use premium scrunchies by Silvr Bear to elevate the fashionable appeal and protect your hair from tangling. With a no-compromise hairstyle!