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Luxury products come with a myriad number of styles - bold, loud, subtle, simple and classic. Good luxury brands and designers create those unique and artistic products using super high-quality materials & craftsmanship. 
We are in love with styles that look elegant enough that even your grandmother would appreciate and beautiful enough for you to fall in love.

However, these products are extremely expensive and tend to get unaffordable for most.
Of course, there are cheap replicas of them that fall apart quickly and in no way give value for the money spent. We wanted to bring beautiful, elegant products made with great quality at an affordable price range.

The Genesis

That's when we thought, wouldn't it be nice if a brand would produce great quality products, with elegant designs and don't burn a hole in your pocket?  That's how the idea of Silvr Bear was born.

Never Too Bold

At Silvr Bear, our family designs products with elegant taste, use quality raw materials & craftsmanship. We, avoid the 'designer markup' and are able to offer beautiful products at affordable prices. These are both mom and teenager approved.

Elegant Always

We believe in designing and offering products that look elegant and classy. Our products would be considered pretty by a 10 YO child, a teenager, their mom-dads and even their grandparents at the same time! 

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