Which Scrunchies Are Best For Hair?

Scrunchies have a massive fan base! It is a necessary item; one cannot buy just one scrunchie! Different scrunchies for different fashionable attire make it an everyday accessory. It is always trending and for good reasons! 

Interestingly, every woman has bought and lost countless scrunchies! These are items that need to be more easily found. And thus, you need to stock up. Before purchasing the scrunchies, you must review multiple product quality.

Breaking the components of scrunchies

Everyone has seen a scrunchie and has an overview of the product. If you need to classify the components of a scrunchie, it would primarily include three parts. The elastic is the most essential part of the product. But there is more to it. It contains – 

Component one - Inner elastic –

The inner elastic with the best stretching ability significantly impacts the product's utility. The high-quality elastic bands with high-stretching solutions can last for years. It is more than just a product that lasts a couple of months. However, one can find scrunchies with fine and bad elastic bands. As a result, not every scrunchie offers the best binding experience. It either gets too tight or extremely loose. The excessive tightness of the elastic can damage the hair and break the strands by pulling them from the roots.

A loose elastic is also useless for holding the hair into a ponytail or a bun for the lack of binding quality. Such scrunchies do not serve the purpose aptly and do not last long. 

Component two - Outer fabric –

The outer fabric of the scrunchies comes in contact with the hair and impacts hair quality. There are various fabrics used for making the scrunchies. The high-quality fabric prevents hair from breaking and tangling with a smooth stitch finish. Are you a fan of the colourful scrunchies but confused about the correct fabric? With diverse options in the fabric section, it can get overwhelming to recognize the best fit. Before placing the order, know the qualities, pros, and cons of different fabrics to make a prudent choice. One can find cotton, satin, and velvet scrunchies.

Read on to gain an overview of the fabric and its qualities. 

  1. Cotton scrunchies – 

Cotton scrunchies were fabric in the global market during the 90s. Most people used cotton scrunchies for the lack of a better option. Cotton is a rough fabric and does not help the hair stay safe from breakage and damage. It can absorb moisture from the hair and impact hair health. One may need help with dry hair with cotton scrunchies, even if these are readily available in the market. The appeal of cotton is subtle and minimalist. Cotton scrunchies are suitable for thick hair as these provide a tight hold on the hair surface.

  1. Satin scrunchies – 

Satin is a weaving technique and is loved across the globe for various reasons. One can find multiple utilities of satin. From clothing accessories to bedding items – satin has secured a steady position for all the right reasons! Satin could be made from silk, polyester, or viscose.

The vegan fabric brings a versatile solution for various accessories. 

  • Silk satin – Satin scrunchies made of silk satin helps you flaunt gorgeous hair with the silky texture of the fabric! The fabric is comfortable and looks lustrous, helping you manage curly hair. It does not break the hair or remove the moisture from the hair. Silk-based satin scrunchies smooth the hair, and you can enjoy a tangle-free outcome even after tying the messy bun for hours!
  • Polyester satin – The polyester satin scrunchies are vegan, and one can find the qualities of silk with high-quality polyester satin fabric. The material is smooth, and the shine looks lovely with the finest polyester satin scrunchies. It is a budget-friendly choice and helps your hair remain intact in a bun without reducing moisture. Keep the bun tangle-free with the finest polyester satin scrunchie! 
  1. Velvet scrunchies – 

Velvet is a luxurious fabric and has a fan base across the globe. It is a material loved by all for its premium texture and shimmery shine on the surface. The unique texture of velvet strands and the soft-to-touch makes the fabric a suitable choice for scrunchies. Velvet scrunchies do not make the hair break at the ends and the roots or remove moisture from the hair strands. It is apt for party attires, and velvet strands feel comfortable on the hair surface. 

Component three - Stitching –

Stitching refers to binding the scrunchie fabric and inner elastic together. The quality of stitching determines the usability and durability of the product. One needs to provide the best stitching solution for the satin and other premium material scrunchies, to enhance their utility and appeal. With the finest satin scrunchies from our branded collection, find an intense thread density. It enhances the appeal of the fabric and overall quality. 

Focus on each component – Silvr Bear brings it all!

Every component of a scrunchie is vital, and you must pay attention to the quality of the components in any way. At Silvr Bear, we take care of each component and ensure the best quality solution for hair care. Our brand promotes durable solutions for designing the best quality scrunchies made of satin and velvet.

These are vegan products and deliver the best qualities that one expects from scrunchies. Get durable scrunchies with Silvr Bear that you can use for years with the best maintenance practices.