Why Sleep On Silk Or Satin Pillowcase?

Did you know that the amount of sleep you get determines how beautiful you look? It plays a significant role in making your health fit and fine!

Thus, focus on finding the right sleeping accessories and covers to ensure a sound sleep every night.

Everyone focuses on the pillow but what about the pillowcase?

Make a wise choice by reviewing the pros and cons of different pillowcases. Read on and learn to make a prudent choice for your beauty sleep! 

Silk – Know the journey of the fabric

Silk has been a popular choice for thousands of years. To date, it is highly treated as a valuable and luxurious fabric. 

There are four types of organic silk varieties – 

  1. Mulberry silk - Mulberry silk is extracted from the cocoon of the Bombyx mori moth. 
  2. Tasar silk – Tasar silk is extracted from larvae of various species of silkworms belonging to the moth group, including - Antheraea, A. assamensis, A. paphia, etc.
  3. Muga silk – Muga silk originates from Assam and gets extracted from the cocoons of Antheraea assamensis. 
  4. Eri silk – Eri silk is extracted from the domesticated silkworm Samia ricini in North Eastern parts of India, China, and Japan.

The process – Is it vegan?

Silk fibers are produced by silkworms when they spin themselves into a cocoon. It happens during their journey to transform into a silk moth. If you are on a journey to becoming vegan or nature-conscious, silk may not be the apt choice as it can be considered a cruel process.

Mulberry versus others – Know the difference.

Mulberry silk gets produced from the cocoon of the Bombyx mori moth. Before undergoing the metamorphosis, a caterpillar feeds on the white mulberry leaf. This silk is superior to the rest, making it the king of silks.

How is it distinct from the rest? Read on to stay informed – 

  • Uniformity– The Bombyx mori moths feed on white mulberry leaves. The strands are long and refined with better uniformity. 
  • Color– Mulberry silk looks beautiful and white, making it an ideal choice for luxurious bedding accessories.
  • Texture– Different types of silk have different roughness. In contrast, mulberry silk is ultra-soft. 

Satin – All about it and more

Satin is a unique weave with a remarkably smooth and glossy finish. It is an intricate way to intertwine and weave the threads to create a fabric. Satin fabric is woven with a technique where at least four weft yarns are woven over a single warp yarn. Satin can be developed using any base fiber. The base fiber can be silk, cotton, polyester, viscose, nylon, linen, etc. The lustrous fabric offers a range of weights and textures. It has a smooth and lustrous surface making it look attractive. 

Notable features of Satin -

  • Appeal - Satin looks glossy on one side, and the backside is dull.
  • Texture - Satin is a smooth fabric with vibrant colours. 
  • Application - Satin weaves are non-transparent, flexible, and can wrap around compound curves.

Different types of Satin - 

  • Silk Satin– Satin products made using silk are ultra-smooth and luxurious to touch and feel. The softness, uniformity of the fabric makes it unique and shiny. Silk satin is very expensive & can prove to be unaffordable to many. 
  • Cotton Satin– Satin made using cotton as the base fiber is known as cotton satin. Cotton satin is a unique fabric weaved to bring a flowy texture. Cotton satin does not appear as shinny and smooth to touch as silk satin due to the limitation of cotton as the base fiber. Cotton satin is also known as sateen and is a common choice for bedding and clothing. 
  • Polyester Satin– Polyester Satin is satin made using polyester fibers as base. This fabric is closest to silk satin in terms of shine, touch and feel. Based on the quality of manufacturing, the high-quality ones can be made to be smooth, shiny, durable and luxurious to touch & feel. It creates a lovely drape and a gorgeous flowing look.

The high-quality polyester satin looks beautiful and vibrant. This fabric is 5 to 10 times less expensive than silk satin. Also, it is vegan, making it an ideal alternative for silk-based products.

One can get premium satin with high-quality fiber and lustrous gleam with the best brands, including Silvr Bear. The high-quality manufacturing makes the satin durable and ideal for various bedding accessories. 

Choosing the apt pillowcase – Satin makes the best choice!

The difference between naturally spun silk and factory-produced polyester comes down to feel and comfort. Silk satin is the ultimate best choice in terms of comfort, breathability, luxurious touch & feel. Polyester satin can feel comparatively less premium.
However, some good brands provide high quality poly satin pillowcases that easily compete with silk and provide an all-rounder solution within the budget!

A smooth and lustrous pillowcase helps reduce morning hair falls and sleep wrinkles, and many more. It feels excellent and offers an array of advantages. The wrinkle-resistant satin fabric prevents hair damage, promotes healthy skin, and limits exposure to allergens and bacteria.

All these advantages make them the best satin pillowcases without compromising the fabric quality.

Benefits of using a satin pillowcase

  1. Protect your hair – Satin helps retain moisture, preventing frizz, dryness, split ends, and damage. 
  2. Cost-effective – Pure silk is expensive, but the accessories made with Satin offer similar benefits without making it heavy on the pocket.
  3. Protect your skin – The smooth surface of Satin acts wonderfully for the skin. It eliminates the chances of acne and skin disruptions for the lack of surface friction. 
  4. Sleep comfortably – Sleep without worries on the smooth surface and ensure a tight beautiful sleep! It redefines comfort to the next level. 

With quality products designed with fine Satin, one can find budget-friendly solutions promoting cruelty-free weaving. 

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