Luxury Satin Pillowcases - Maroon
Luxury Satin Pillowcases - Maroon
Luxury Satin Pillowcases - Maroon
Luxury Satin Pillowcases - Maroon
Luxury Satin Pillowcases - Maroon
Luxury Satin Pillowcases - Maroon
Luxury Satin Pillowcases - Maroon
Luxury Satin Pillowcases - Maroon
Luxury Satin Pillowcases - Maroon

Luxury Satin Pillowcases - Maroon

2 Luxury Satin Pillowcovers - Maroon Color

Standard size - 18 x 27 inches

3 Satin Scrunchies (Baby Blue, Pearl White, Mauve)

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  • ANTI AGEING FOR SKIN - Experience the anti-aging benefits of smooth satin bed pillow covers. Satin does not wrinkle like cotton and ensures a smooth surface for your skin to rejuvenate
  • ANTI HAIR BREAKAGE SCRUNCHIES - Silvr Bear scrunchies are loved by thousands of people. Scrunchies that glide over your hair and do not tangle. A perfect companion to your satin pillow cover
  • ELEGANT LOOKING BEDROOM - Elevate the bedroom style quotient by introducing these elegant satin pillow covers
  • PAMPER YOURSELF WITH LUXURY - Beautiful to look at, silky to touch, having an elegant shimmer, and health benefits for all hair types. This is true luxury along with restorative benefits
  • ENJOY SUPERIOR SILVR BEAR QUALITY - Premium Satin, high-quality construction
  • MADE IN INDIA - This satin pillow cover set of 2 with 3 scrunchies combo pack is 100% handmade with love and pride in India
  • EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE - We put great effort into creating a phenomenal pillow cover for you, and we will leave no stone unturned to offer you five-star service. Please contact us for any issues or even general questions about the product
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Luxurious Satin Pillowcovers




Reduced hair frizz

First I bought navy blue color. Used for 1 full week and noticed less frizz every morning. So I bought 2 more colors so that I have options when these go for washing

Bangalore, India

Perfect for my curly hair!!

I have curly hair that needed a better fabric to keep it healthy. These pillowcases work great in retaining my hairstyle for more days. My hair feel much more manageable now. Love the silky feel and look!


Super soft!

These feel of really good quality. I bought this and another brand. These were definitely superior and you can feel the difference.

Chennai, India

So good for my hair

It's actually helping with the frizz, not tangling my hair and is so smooth. These are an experience in themselves. My hair feels better, is not getting knotted at the nape of my neck and the breaking has reduced significantly.


Cotton absorbs your skin moisture & skincare products you applied before sleeping.
Satin doesn't absorb this moisture, keeping your skin hydrated and happy.

Added bonus?
It also keeps away those deep creases caused by other pillowcases on the face while you are asleep.


Did you know that fabric dyeing process is highly chemical intensive with no one talking about how harmful it could be to the skin! We use fabrics that do not contain such harmful chemicals & are safe on hair as well as skin


Less Frizz, more shine

I have been using these luxury satin pillowcases for over a month now. I have noticed less hair frizz. Also, there are no crease marks on my face when I wake up. I like how I look in the morning. I'm buying more colors from them!

Luxury Quality Stitching

Silvr Bear uses the best in class stitching technique. 15 stitches per inch is the hallmark of high quality stitching.


Quality Stitching on the inside

3 Free Scrunchies

Maroon Scrunchie

Pearl White Scrunchie

Gray Scrunchie

Shipping all over India

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Free Shipping over Rs. 499

Loved By All


Go for it

I bought them in black color. Love the royal look of pillow cover. My bed looks like that in movies now. And the scrunchies are really cute. Love it!

S. Chougule
Pune, India

Nice pillowcases

I really loved these. It is overall amazing. Love love love it, looks well made, overall good product

Uttar Pradesh

Loved them so much! No more getting late to work

It has become much easier to make my hair in the morning. Less tangles, no frizz, no dryness. Morning routine has become much faster now 😍


Great combo for my long hair

I have long hair, so I tie it up with the scrunchie and sleep with it on this satin pillowcover. The next morning my hair feels silky soft


My skin loves it

I get no creases anymore when I wake up. I use the same night creams but now I notice much nicer skin in the morning after using these satin pillowcovers. Thank you Silver Bear!



Satin is a delicate material. Best is to hand wash the pillowcases.

Yes, these can be machine washed after putting inside the mesh bag.

If you don't have a mesh bag, make sure you don't put any clothes having buttons/zippers/metal embellishments along with these in the machine. Always keep away from any pointed/plastic or metallic objects

We use lab tested fabric which does not lose color on washing. Also, if care is taken to keep away from any pointed or metallic objects, they will last really long.

This choice can be made by knowing what you are looking for.

1. If you have styled or curly hair, it is best to use satin bonnet so that you can tie your hair up with a scrunchie & cover with bonnet so that the curls or styled hair stays intact.

2. If you want protection from frizz and dryness at your own home, you should use satin pillowcases as they will protect your skin as well as hair.

3. If you are traveling/going on a vacation/sleeping at your friend's or relatives place, you can carry the bonnet in your bag and enjoy the satin benefits even when there are not satin pillows available.

Our elastics are highly stretchable. Silvr Bear scrunchies work well for thick hair in just 1 or 2 turns and for medium to thin hair in 2 to 3 turns.

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Soft & nice. Good quality

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